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Settegiorni Editore
Torrossa Collections
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May 2017:
  • Shibboleth is now available on the Torrossa platform. Among most widely used federated identity solutions Shibboleth provides Single Sign-On capabilities and allows sites to make informed authorisation decisions for individual access of protected online resources in a privacy-preserving manner.
January 2017:
  • The University presses of the Universidad de Almeria and the Universidad de Jaén will shortly be added to the Torrossa database.
November 2016:
  • Thanks to our new partnership with UNE (Unión de Editoriales Universitarias Españolas), titles coming soon from Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Universidad Pública de Navarra university presses
October 2016:
  • The first e-books from publishers Catarata and L'asino d'oro are now online.
  • New titles have been added to the offer of e-content from the prestigious publishers L'Erma di Bretschneider, Leo S. Olschki and Giappichelli.
July 2016:
  • Optimised visualisation of e-content on the Torrossa platform. Further information available here
  • In the near future new content from publishers Marcial Pons Historia, Catarata and Settegiorni will enrich the Torrossa Platform.
March 2016:
  • We are pleased to announce the addition of titles from Pacini Editore, ICAC- Institut Català d'Arqueologia Clàssica (ICAC), Altralinea and ISLG Bulletin.
January 2016:
  • We are pleased to announce the addition of titles from Hoepli Editore, Edizioni Qiqajon and Aras edizioni to the Torrossa platform in 2016.
July 2015:
  • Giappichelli Editore joins Torrossa with over 700 publications
December 2014-January 2015:
  • New in 2015: Torrossa offers digital content from De Luca Editori d'arte, Edizioni Quasar, SISMEL Edizioni del Galluzzo, Franco Cesati and Sovera Edizioni.
August-November 2014:
  • Encuentro, Libreria Italiana Musicale (LIM) and Mimesis edizioni enhance the Torrossa catalogue with important monographs and journals.
April-July 2014:
    News on the Website
  • Refinement of the search engine
  • Dedicated search field within Publisher's section and catalogue
  • Information notice of items available in parts when publication is unavailable as a whole
  • Sample page available in jpg
January-March 2014:
Updated Archives and Ongoing Collections (view at www.casalini.it/torrossa).
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